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Trade smarter, every time.

SelfWealth Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company which offers a brand new solution to an age-old investment problem – how to empower investors to make informed decisions without paying exorbitant brokerage fees.
Established in 2012, SelfWealth is an online community for investors, partnering to achieve a common purpose of better returns. For the first time in Australia, investors can now access an online tool which compares their portfolio’s performance against other investors.SelfWealth call a trade a trade. That’s why in 2016 SelfWealth launched Australia’s flat fee brokerage solution. SelfWealth members can now trade shares for $9.50 per trade with no commissions – regardless of the size of the trade.

As winner of Money Magazine’s 2018 & 2019 Best of the Best Awards for Cheapest Online Broker, SelfWealth are confidently revolutionising the way people invest.

Easily open your trading account for free. Account types include individuals, companies, trusts, SMSFs and joint accounts.

Follow Great Investors

SelfWealth have a community of over 60,000 investors who are ranked using SelfWealth's unique WealthCheck score, which takes into account their performance over different time periods, diversity and portfolio valuation. See what trades the best investors make and what they hold.

No Hidden Costs

SelfWealth provide commission-free trading – you'll never pay more than $9.50 brokerage and there are no account fees. All trades are CHESS sponsored, with trades executed by OpenMarkets.

Trading Tools

Trade with confidence with free trading tools, including market depth and live pricing.

Investor community and benchmarking
SelfWealth provides a suite of benchmarking tools so you can compare your own portfolio to other investors in the Community based on performance, SafetyRating and WealthCheck Scores. Each SelfWealth member has an alias, so any shared information is anonymous.

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